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Why Plan Your Future with Us?

Integrity. Objectivity. Ideas.


Our team plans with your entire living situation in mind.  We are strategists delivering comprehensive strategies - the financial advisers who come up with intelligent ideas in tax reduction, wealth protection, wealth transfer, and supplemental retirement planning.

In a very real sense, we work for you.  Your needs and objectives determine our planning, and the tenor of our wealth management.  When there’s a change in your life or investment goals, we’re there.  We are also there to alert you to changes in tax law and the economy.

We can coordinate the efforts of legal and accounting professionals to work specifically for you in a unified process.  We can tell you what you need to do to retire.  We can candidly let you know what you are doing right, and what you could be doing better.


If you ask Jeff, he’ll tell you we’re in the "helping people" business. We consider ourselves educators. Jeff takes pride in having a practice that is 100% referral-based.

Clients refer their peers to us because we take a personal interest in each client, and over time, that relationship grows more and more valuable. After all, we feel that wealth isn’t usually built by picking specific investment products, but by selecting the right financial adviser to provide the coaching, mentoring and wealth management that’s needed.

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Our product is advice. Retirees and pre-retirees alike trust our wealth management and retirement planning. We are the financial adviser they can call on to help get the job done ... and do all that is prudent and necessary for their financial futures.

Go to us for high quality investment planning. E-mail us today.